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Helping to raise awareness, providing support and guidance, coping skills and organised events.

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About our Group:

A patient led initiative linked to the Orthostatic Tremor UK Support Group in association with the National Tremor Foundation.

This website is compiled by registered members where privacy is respected, and all data is protection compliant. A non-profit making group managed by volunteers.

What is Orthostatic Tremor?

Primary Orthostatic Tremor, is intended to describe the basic or pure condition.

Medically known as Orthostatic Tremor (O.T.) it is a progressive neurological movement disorder which is non-life threatening, but once diagnosed it is unremitting. It incurs a change in lifestyle, irrespective of age or gender. Initially O.T. gives a feeling of unsteadiness and a fear of falling, then the onset of shaking affecting the legs while standing unsupported. 


This is recognised by a high frequency leg tremor at 13Hz – 18Hz which is difficult to visually detect, making it a  'HIDDEN DISABILITY' unlike the more known conditions;

PARKINSON'S 3 - 6Hz  or ESSENTIAL TREMOR  4 – 7Hz which are clearly visible.


Sometimes the condition is called  'SHAKY LEG SYNDROME' or 'HELICOPTER LEGS'.

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Orthostatic Tremor is a progressive, unremitting neurological condition. Due to its rarity, it is not often recognised, therefore frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

The Orthostatic Tremor UK Support Group endeavours to raise awareness of this debilitating condition and offer help, friendship and understanding.

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To join the Orthostatic Tremor UK Support Group or for further information, please get in touch via text, call or email.

07825 638891

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