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There is no known cure or recognised treatment  for Orthostatic Tremor, but patients can be prescribed medication, which is primarily used for Parkinson's or Epilepsy, to alleviate symptoms. 



For example;

1.   Clonazepam

2.   Gabapentin

3.   Lyrica

4.   Primidone

5.   Propranolol​

6.   Levodopa

Every patient reacts differently to drugs and the assessed benefits vary, also it is dependent on the possible side effects. Other medication, not listed, may be advised. Please don't hesitate to contact us at the Orthostatic Tremor UK Support Group if you have anything you'd like to discuss.

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Please consult your GP or consultant before taking part in any individual therapy and always choose someone who is fully qualified. Participation will depend on your level of O.T. progression. Activities are a useful discussion among other group members.


1. Walking

2. Cycling

3. Swimming

4. Pilates

5. Tai Chi      

6. Yoga       

7. Seated Yoga/Exercises

8. Chiropractic Therapy


Many activities are discussed and evaluated by group members and a helpful programme of suitable exercises can be found on the NHS website.

This rare condition generates:

        • An Unremitting Tremor

        • Changes in Lifestyle

        • Limited Mobility

        • Progression of Symptoms

        • Social Isolation

        • Other possible medical conditions         

        • Depression

        • Stress, anxiety even elation can exacerbate the symptoms

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Positive thinking, a healthy diet and exercise within your capabilities.

Fruits and vegetables
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Paul Elliott has a diagnosis of Orthostatic Tremor and is a member of the Orthostatic Tremor UK Support Group.


He is a Martial Arts instructor and shares his experience of using Tai Chi and Reiki which he has adapted to help those with Orthostatic Tremor and as a qualified instructor, he offers an online Zoom class, teaching fellow O.T. members Tai Chi.


These exercises are very good at strengthening the leg muscles which are of great benefit physically and maintaining the core balance. As Paul has the same condition, he is very understanding of the need to sit, but encourages those taking part to stand and movements can be varied according to those with varying stages of Orthostatic Tremor.

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Calendar-Setting a date

P- Prepare

                   L- Leave enough time

                    A- Arrange in advance

                       N- Neutralise a problem

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Sunflower Lanyard

1. Make a list of daily priorities and tasks; it is not important if you do not achieve them all.


 2.    Not at home, wear a 'Hidden Disability' Sunflower Lanyard. These should be recognised by staff in shops, healthcare workers, on public transport, train stations and airports, where extra help may be of benefit.


 3.    Book a wheelchair or mobility scooter from a town centre Shopmobility centre, or venue which offers these aids, before visiting.


 4.    Research venues for accessibility and parking facilities.


 5.    Pre-plan journeys, book tickets ahead and request airport or train journey assistance.


 6.    Use online or telephone shopping sites and have your groceries delivered.


 7.    Place a chair in suitable locations around your home, and install rails, or handles.


 8.    A kitchen stool is useful and cupboards that have been arranged so items most used are easy to access


 9.    Bathroom safety is essential,  a seat/stool for sitting including within the shower area or bath, grab handles and non-slip mats.


10.  Prepare a list of questions you wish to ask when attending an appointment with your GP/Neurologist


11.  Accept help when offered and always be proud, never feel embarrassed to ask for assistance whatever your target.


12.  Realise your limitations, do not cause yourself the stress and be happy you have completed a challenge.

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For more information on living with orthostatic tremor, please give us a call today.

07825 638891

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